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Welcome to Sterling Consulting Network
The professional's hosting service

We provide reliable and reasonably priced web site design, hosting and maintenance for qualified professionals. Our clients are medical professionals, attorneys, architects, contracting firms and other such firms and individuals. We do not seek nor accept general public accounts.

As with all Sterling Consulting services we have a very straightforward arrangement to offer. We really do like to keep things simple.

Basic Plan

$16 per month hosting for a web site with your own domain name
$35 one time setup fee
$70 two year domain name registration if you do not already have your own
10 e-mail accounts with unlimited usage
Up to 5 gigabytes per month throughput
$60 per hour charge for web site design and maintenance

Significant Options

Basic Spam Assassin, Tailored Spam Assassin, Geographical spam blockers, Anti-Virus E-mail scanning

Rules and Restrictions

We do all design, coding and maintenance on the site
No stored cookies, Macromedia Flash or any other invasion of privacy allowed
No Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (Spam) using our mail servers or promoting web sites hosted by us
We reserve the right to reject any clients who do not meet our professional standards
We reserve the right to terminate service immediately to clients who violate our terms of service

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This page last updated on 12/26/2015

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