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Sterling Consulting Network

Set up a vacation auto responder

Login to your account as per the instructions on the logging in to your account page.

Step 1:

You will then see this:

Click on the word Responders under the EMAIL heading.

Step 2:

You will then see this:

Click on the words Vacation Message.

Step 3:

You will then see this:

Click on the Edit button.

Step 4:

You will then see this:

Now just,

 1. check the box marked Enable Vacation Message,

 2. type in whatever you want to send out. When finished be sure to

 3. click on the Save button before clicking LOGOUT or simply closing the browser (they both do exactly the same thing). If you don't save, none of this will take effect.

Notes on Vacation Auto Responders
The Subject: bit simply determines what you want the subject of the response to be. You could even type Subject: "$SUBJECT" and the title would be whatever the person who sent it to you used. Probably not a good idea though since some people might think that it is you, rather than a stupid computer, responding to them.
The message someone sent you will still come through as normal. This is just a way to tell someone that you might be a while in responding.
The message will only be sent once to a single address once even if they send you more than one message. This applies only for a given response setup. In other words if you set up a vacation auto response message on December 24, that one time only rule applies. If you change it or disable it and set up another one on January 4 the whole thing starts over.
If you chose to use the "$SUBJECT" variable in your message that will simply be replaced by the subject of the original message to you. It is sort of a nicety to make people think that your machine was interested in the subject line. It is probably a good idea to use it though as a polite thing.
Precedence: can be junk, low, normal or high. It really doesn't matter. But high can add points to spam filters and it might not get through because of that. Or you can just ignore that and not use it at all which is probably the best idea. Hardly anyone pays any attention to that sort of thing anyway.
To remove a Vacation Auto Responder message, simply uncheck the Enable Vacation Message box in Step 4 and then click the Save button.

This page last updated on 02/14/2008