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Sterling Consulting Network
189 M Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
Phone: (801) 328-8131
Fax: (801) 355-7407
e-mail: salesnet


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Sterling Consulting Network

Logging in to your account

In your browser type in, or much better, copy and paste the address you were given for your account. If you have somehow strangely forgotten what that bizarre URL was click here to e-mail us a request. Be sure to use your e-mail account hosted by Sterling Consulting Network. Otherwise we will simply ignore your request because we cannot verify that it is you. In other words if you send us an e-mail from a Hotmail account or Yahoo account asking for your login URL, we will not answer.

Step 1:

This is where you would paste that URL in Internet Explorer, for example. Notice that we are not about to post the actual numbers here in public view but except for different (real) numbers they will look pretty much like this. The URL we sent you has the real numbers in their place. Every web browser has a similar look and feel about where to paste that URL.

Where to paste your login URL

Step 2:

If you see something which looks sort of like this - just click OK. The blanked out parts will be the 999.999.999.999 part of that URL. If they are not, press cancel and notify us. But chances are very slim that this will be a problem.

This is a security check, not to worry

Step 3:

You should see something which looks like this:

The first thing you see when logging in

Step 4:

For 1. "Login:" type in your user name which is the name to the left of the "@" symbol of your E-mail address. For 2. "domain:" type in your domain name which is the stuff to the right of the "@" symbol. For 3. "Password:" type in the password of your E-mail account.

For example: If your E-mail address were x?47+@bobo6?t.com and your password is wango)?647 (all of which is invalid to keep spammers from scanning this page for addresses) you would type in the fields to look like this:

How to type in your e-mail address and password

The idea is that you simply use your E-mail information. Your password will appear as asterisks.

Then click on the "Login" button.

This page last updated on 02/14/2008