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Our pricing structure is presented as a minimum guideline. We are flexible and easy to get along with though. Since we do all the actual coding and design of web sites hosted by us, we consider the fastest throughput and most efficient storage concepts in that process. Thus we do not necessarily hold specific limitations as absolute.

If you get an extra gigantic amount of traffic one month and exceed 5GB (which is a huge amount of traffic) with a basic account we are not likely to even contact you about it. Or maybe we would contact you to congratulate you. Rather we would simply be happy for you, your business and ourselves (since we developed your site). If you started doing 10GB a month over several months we would probably contact you to discuss the matter since that would simply mean that your success would warrant something larger than a basic site.

As an example of how much traffic can be handled with 5GB, our main http://www.stercon.com site (we are a division of Sterling Consulting) gets approximately 800 visitors per day, has many more pages and much more data than something like a law firm would want! Yet it only uses approximately 2 1/2 GB per month throughput and fits into approximately 2MB of disk storage.

Web site design and maintenance

Our current rate is $60 per hour. There is a one hour minimum per project.  Beyond the minimum, billing is in 1/4 hour increments. A project would be defined as the design and coding of a new web site. A project would also be defined as adding a page or pages to an existing site or perhaps modifying the color scheme of an existing site. If all you need later for a site we designed and developed are minor changes like a telephone number, we do not normally charge for small things like that. However if such minor changes come all too frequently we will charge you.

Note that you do not have to host your web site with us to take advantage of our web expertise. The same rates apply to sites hosted elsewhere. Our web hosting services are simply a courtesy to our clients.

Web site hosting

Generally you will find that our basic site is all that you will need. Our basic site hosting includes the following:

Up to 10 e-mail accounts. Most people really have no need for that many but if you happen to need more, we are flexible. There is no charge for setting up e-mail accounts.

5GB of throughput per month. This limitation is simply to insure that one user doesn't eat up all the server's resources to the detriment of our other clients.

10MB of web site storage. Again, this is a fairly arbitrary number but most people want to see some sort of limitation.

$35 one  time setup fee. This fee applies to both a brand new site or the transfer of an existing one into our care.

$16 per month for the actual hosting payable quarterly in advance.

$70 to register your domain name for two years if you do not already have one.

Other computer services

As a division of Sterling Consulting we would invite you to visit that web site at http://www.stercon.com if you have other needs. They do all sorts of computer consulting, maintenance, planning, etc.

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