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Sterling Consulting Network

Set up Spam Assassin Filtering
(Only applicable to accounts using Spam Assassin)

Login to your account as per the instructions on the logging in to your account page.

Step 1:

You will then see this:

Click on the words Spam Filtering under the EMAIL header.

Step 2:

You will then see this:

1. You can check the Low, Medium or High buttons but all they really do is select a level of 5, 10 or 15. If you check the Custom option you can select any level you want. You could specify 1,  1.1, 6.22 or 200 (you would never get a hit with 200 in most cases). The point is that this specifies how aggressive you want Spam Assassin to be in its rating of E-mail.

Since everyone has a different set of senders as well as spammers (or tolerance of spammers) you want to start out with the default and just see how much is caught, how much is missed and if any legitimate e-mail gets marked as spam.

2. The option Deliver spam email to my inbox simply plugs "[spam]" into the subject of any e-mail it suspects is spam. This is directly influenced by the level you have selected and what it finds in its tests. No action other than this is taken. This is also the default.

3. Move spam email to my blocked folder will not function unless you have direct server access. You do not! So this option does nothing. Ignore it!

4. Delete spam email means just that. Once you have established a level of detection that you feel comfortable with you can check this box and the server itself will simply delete incoming e-mail marked as spam. Poof! Into the bit bucket. But once it is gone, it really is gone.

5. Add text to the beginning of the subject: allows you to specify something other than "[spam]" to be used in its place. Any words you put here would replace that.

6. Deliver spam as an attachment is a pretty useless option. But it means that the server will send you a message saying that you have e-mail suspected of being spam and the attachment will be the suspected message. So you get it anyway. Tough to figure out what the point of this is. It simply comes with the Spam Assassin program so there it is.

7. Always remember to Save or none of this will take effect.

This page last updated on 05/25/2005