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Access Squirrel Mail (aka Web Mail)
(Only applicable to accounts using Squirrel Mail)

Squirrel Mail is a feature where you can access and use your e-mail account from any web browser, anywhere in the world. Each site which has Squirrel Mail installed has a specific and unique means of access from your site's home page. This is intentionally complex because the access is via that home page which is available to the entire Internet. Thus all the passwords, tricks and such.

You can also access Squirrel Mail via the account login process. But remember, this only works for sites with Squirrel Mail installed.

Login to your account as per the instructions on the logging in to your account page.

Step 1:

You will then see this:

The first thing you will see

Click on the words Email Access.

Step 1A:

You may then see this (there is a bug in this part of the code):

If you do see this, click on the words Squirrel Mail Interface. If you don't and it proceeds directly to the next step, don't worry about it. Either the bug got fixed or the server likes you.

Step 2:

You will then see this:

Note that 1. your domain name will be here and 2. no information other than that will appear here. This is a security thing.

Now for the instructions on how to use Squirrel Mail go to the How to use Squirrel Mail (not available yet) page.

This page last updated on 05/26/2005