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Sterling Consulting Network

Set up a whitelist
(Only applicable to accounts using Spam Assassin)

A whitelist or allowed senders list allows you to specify e-mail addresses which are exempt from spam filtering by Spam Assassin. This can be very useful if you have specific users or domains who may send you legitimately complex messages which you want Spam Assassin to ignore.

Login to your account as per the instructions on the logging in to your account page.

Step 1:

You will then see this:

Select Spam Filtering

Click on the words Spam Filtering under the EMAIL header.


You will then see this:

Select Allowed Senders (Whitelist)

Click on the words Allowed Senders List.


You will then see this:

Add your whitelisted address(s)

1. Type in the address or addresses which you want to always come through. You can type a single e-mail address such as bob@norealdomain.info or a wildcard such as *@norealdomain.info. They former would only exempt Bob's e-mail address from spam scanning while the latter would exempt anyone sending from norealdomain.info.

You can also enter multiple addresses separated by commas. For example you could enter bob@norealdomain.info, susie@anotherfakedomain.biz and both would be exempt from spam scanning.

2. Click one the Add button to update your list.

This page last updated on 05/25/2005